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I offer services to colleagues

DBT Consultation Team: I lead a monthly, two-hour consultation team for DBT therapists. We consult on cases and improve our own abilities as both skills class co-leaders and individual DBT therapists.

Individual consultation: I help clinicians with questions about billing software, documentation, office systems, insurance questions, and specific therapeutic techniques such as how to conduct a Behavior Chain Analysis.

Supervision: I offer supervision both to those with provisional licenses requiring weekly, face-to-face meetings and to colleagues who wish to consult less frequently on their clinical work.

Workshop: "How to Exit Insurance Panels and Preserve Your Practice": I continue to present this two-hour workshop when there is sufficient interest. I share what my due diligence process was for making the decision to go out-of-network, what steps this change requires, how I talked to my patients about it, what they said back to me, how I handle my informed consent documents, and how I market this to prospective patients. I also share what the financial impact has been on my practice. It is a hope-filled and lively session offering opportunities for networking and information-sharing.

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